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Inclusion Experience Project Recap



Thank you for attending our Inaugural Inclusion Experience Project June 13

We were delighted at the amazing turnout to our first Inclusion Experience Project: Authentic Conversations in the Workplace: An Experience designed for leaders

Inclusion Experience Project is a series of unique and intentionally designed Experiences aimed to elevate the consciousness of leaders for the purpose of driving trust, stimulating growth and building a culture of inclusivity in the workplace.

On June 13, we held our inaugural Inclusion Experience, Authentic Conversations in the Workplace, where we focused on the influence of race and gender in our conversations, interactions and decision-making. Over time, the series will focus on other important inclusion topics. This Experience provided leaders with expert guidance, a safe learning environment and the communications tools they need to foster authentic conversations in the workplace.

Inclusion Experience Project is a collaboration between four recognized community leaders who are equally committed to building a culture of inclusivity in Utah. The creators behind Inclusion Experience Project bring a broad range of perspectives, backgrounds, networks, expertise and, most importantly -- decades of experience building bridges of trust with leaders in the public and private sector. 

This Inclusion Experience was for any leader interested in learning and applying inclusive behaviors in the workplace. We believe improved communication on all sides and at all levels will result in reaching the degree of authenticity required to achieve real growth.

Inclusion Experience Project: Authentic Conversations in the Workplace
Thursday, June 13, 2019
Hosted at Kiln's beautiful new co-working space in Salt Lake City
26 S. Rio Grande Street, Suite 2072
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101